How To Save Money On A Dumpster Rental

Are you looking for a dumpster rental, but are worried about the cost? Dumpster renting may appear to be a difficult and costly process, but it is possible to keep your costs low and maximize efficiency. Some people think that their only cost-effective option is to remove waste on their own. However, that comes with additional costs including gas, multiple trips to the landfill, time, and vehicle wear and tear. Renting a dumpster eliminates these concerns. With a little planning, you can find the best price and most convenient dumpster rental service in Columbia.


How Dumpster Prices are Determined


The first thing you need to know is how dumpster rental prices are generally determined. There are several main factors that are considered when pricing dumpster rentals. 



One question we get often is how dumpster sizes are measured, and the answer is that they are usually listed by volume (not length, like some customers think). A 10-yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of debris. Smaller dumpsters are generally cheaper to rent, but choosing the correct size for your project will help make sure you don’t pay extra in overweight or overfill fees. 



The size of the dumpster is not the only important factor to consider – you must also take into account how much your debris weighs. Landfills often charge for disposal based on weight, so each size dumpster has a limit to how much it can weigh before it’s considered full (even if it’s not “full”). Construction materials tend to be heavier than household items, and dry yard waste is lighter than wet yard waste.



Another factor to consider is the number of trips. The cost of the dumpster rental will include the drop off and pick up of the dumpster. Every drop off and pick up is considered a rental and each rental incurs a rental charge. Any additional trips may incur a trip fee. This is where it might actually be more cost effective to rent a larger dumpster that will need to be emptied less. 


Rental Period 

The next factor that affects dumpster rental prices in Columbia is the rental period. Of course, the rental period will vary by project: a spring cleaning project may only take a few days, while a major home remodel may last for a month or more. Most residential dumpster rentals are 7 – 10 days. 



As with other services, dumpster rental rates can vary greatly by location. This includes the proximity of the rental company/the landfill to the job site. It’s also important to keep in mind that in a high-demand area, the late fee for dumpster pickup may be more.


Tips to Lower Dumpster Rental Costs


Measure large debris before choosing the dumpster size

If you have large items you are disposing of, measure them beforehand to make sure they will fit within the dumpster dimensions before you rent. You can be charged extra if your debris is not within the fill line on the dumpster.


Dispose of Prohibited Materials Separately

Some types of waste may be prohibited by the dumpster rental company or be subject to additional charges. Disposing of these materials yourself in the proper way can save you money. Commonly prohibited items in dumpsters:

  • Paint
  • Refrigerators
  • Hot water heaters
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous materials

Lock Your Dumpster 

Because going over weight and volume limits can impact the price of your dumpster rental, it’s important to keep unwanted debris out. Passersby may not realize that extra waste can add up, or people may maliciously use your dumpster to avoid renting their own. Secure your dumpster and ask if your dumpster rental has a way of locking it to prevent others from using it.


Dumpster Rentals in Columbia, SC

Keeping all of these things in mind when you rent a dumpster will help you keep costs down. If you’re ready to rent a dumpster in Columbia or have additional questions, please give dumpster+ of Columbia a call at (803) 805-8270 today!

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